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Welcome to this video on how to create the right experience as a strategy to build a personal brand. You can read the transcript below if you are unable to watch the video

Every business is a business of people. Whether you have a product that you sell or service that you offer. Your business is with people. Who do you sell your products to? People. Who do you offer your services to? People.

Every business is about emotions because your business is either trying to make the lives of people easier, or have more fun, or to reduce their level of pain. It's all about people. Therefore to build a personal brand, it's important you create the right experiences so your clients can feel right about doing business with you.

And if you are a business owner...

Every business is a business of people and so the emotions you create help separate you from others. We can't meet everyone's needs, and everyone can't approve of our style. Hence the need to create the right experience in order to attract your ideal client.

Don't you want to conduct business with people that connect with you so it's easy to interact and to connect with them? Yes, you would have a few people that make you sweat. However, that shouldn't be the bulk of your clients. The bulk of your clientele should be people that you flow with easily so that it would be easier to do your business. 

A free gift for you 

The experiences are connected to your emotions so if you haven't watched the previous video on how to evoke the right emotions, you can watch it here. I said at the beginning of these series, confidence is the base of everything and so for that, I included a link to a 21-day confidence challenge for free to give you little tidbits that will help you demonstrate confidence every day.

Why are experiences Important?

Everything you do, you want people to perceive you as the best choice they have. You want people to feel that they're in the right place. Yes, you want them to feel that you get them.

When people feel that you get them, they'll keep coming back. So if you're skilled and you're doing your work excellently, you are evoking the right emotions, you're creating the environment where these people can feel great about doing business with you, you've got it. That's how you build a personal brand.

Article on how to build a personal brand by creating the right experiences

How to create the right experience

As I said, when you know the emotions you want people to feel then it's easy to create experiences you want. So let's talk about physical things. The physical space that you're in, the physical space that you occupy, let it represent who you are. Let your space be a personal representation of where you are because you want to reinforce that you are the best choice. You want every little detail to point out that you're the best choice, especially if you're a business owner who wants to build a personal brand.

You want your clients to walk into your physical space where you do business and feel like this is the place. Have you ever experienced that? You walked in somewhere and you wondered where that place had been all your life? It felt like the best place ever, that is exactly the same kind of experience you want people to have or emotions you want people to feel when they enter your physical space.

How about your staff?

Consider these emotions when you're decorating or painting your walls. Most importantly, consider the experiences you want your client to feel when you're employing your staff. You want your staff to have the same mindset as yours. So when you employing people, you're looking out for red flags that would let you identify the wrong fit for your business. 

You want to give potential employees a fair chance to find out if they can mold into your ideal staff. If you decide on a trial period, it's something you talk about on the day of the interview. When you employ your staff, you are up front and clear about your expectations. 

You're able also, to train your staff so that they're able to help your clients feel the way you want them to feel when they come into your space. It is a mark of leadership too when you're able to teach your staff.

If you're in the corporate world

What kind of experiences are you creating for yourself and for the people you work with? Are you creating an experience that makes it pleasant and cordial for people at work? Or are you sticking to your way and to how you think, not ready to compromise where possible?

Do people enjoy working with you or not?  You can't say, it doesn't matter as long as I do my job that's it's. No, it's not it because every business has to do with people. You can't build a personal brand thats's great if you can't get along with people you work with.

You can make life easy for the people by being cordial and by creating a positive experience. I'm not saying you should change who you are or you should fake it, but try to find a way to make the experiences people have with you, the experiences your coworkers have with you, the experience your employees have with you be pleasant.

It's about who you are

Let the experiences you create be a reflection of who you really are. I don't believe anyone wants to be seen as a grouch, or seen as difficult, or seen as impossible. There are things you can do to make people see the true you, the skilled you, the confident, and competent you.

You have so much value to offer that you cannot allow people to think negatively about you. I've seen people get fired because their bosses didn't like the experiences they felt with their employees. 

I've seen people that haven't been promoted because their managers felt they wouldn't be able to create the experiences they need for the new job they would get if they were promoted. Experiences matter!

One way to create right experience as an employee

Your experiences in the corporate world include how you react when things don't go the way you want them to. How do you react when you are confronted with things that are unpleasant? It's easy to be jolly and happy and to be good when things are good for you.

Your ability to respond appropriately to unfavorable circumstances will set you apart as someone who they want to continue to work with or not. 

Do your coworkers want to work with you because they love the fact that you're always positive, and you're always creating the right experiences for them or do they fear to work with you because they feel like you're always complaining?
It's not like you won't have things that you want to be better, but it is important that in the work environment every employee, every staff create an experience that makes it conducive to work in. 

To you the business owner, manager, or CEO

This applies to you as the business owner, supervisor or if you're the CEO. If you're an employer, it is important that you create the right experiences for yourself and for others. You spend an average of 40 hours a week at work, that's a lot of hours.

Are you the problem?

Creating the right experiences will alleviate stress in the workplace, it will make it easier to do your job. Listen, if you happen to be the only one at work that has a problem with everybody else, then you need to take a look at what kind of experiences you're creating with other people. It doesn't mean that you are bad and that's not what I'm trying to say.

What I am asking you or recommending or suggesting to you is to see how you can change some things so that it becomes more cordial. You spend over an average of 40 hours a week at work, it's important to make it a pleasant experience.

If you think that it's the job you have now that is unpleasant, you would probably look for another job. You may face the same scenario in other jobs. There's no point going from job to job facing the same experiences without seeing what you can do to make it better for yourself now.

When you make things better for yourself and you're having more fun, then it's better for other people as well. 

In conclusion

So creating the right experiences, is not just for business owners, it's for you as an individual as well because when you create the right experience, you allow people to see the best of you. You allow your ideal clients to recognize you easily. It is easy for people to see your value and to do business with you or to promote you. It makes it easy to build a personal brand that is authentic.

I hope you've gotten some tips from this video. Please leave a comment below on what you think or what else you want to hear.

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Oyinkan A

Hello, I'm Oyinkan Akinmade, a Confidence Coach and a Workplace Strategist. I help professionals excel and help businesses create great workplaces through confidence, communication, and leadership training skills. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter.

Hello, I'm Oyinkan Akinmade, a Confidence Coach and a Workplace Strategist. I help professionals excel and help businesses create great workplaces through confidence, communication, and leadership training skills. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter.

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