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Brand consistency is necessary for both individuals and businesses.
What will make your clients return to you? What will make your employer, your boss or your supervisor recommend you for that job or actually give you the job? What sets you apart from every other person? Sit tight and we'll talk about this in this video today. In this video, I will share four tips on how to have brand consistency.

Can your coworkers, clients, employees or even employer depend on you to produce the same results today, next month, and next year? Are you consistent? Here are a few tips on how to maintain your brand consistency as a professional. 

Maintain Your Brand Consistency With These 4 Tips

1. Identify Your Values

The first thing is to identify those values you want to be known for. Identify those emotions you want to create with people when they interact with you. You can check out my videos on personal branding where I talked on several aspects of this in more details. 

Brand consistency becomes easier once you have identified your values, the emotions you want people to feel, and the experiences you want to create.

2. Create Goals That Align With Your Values

Once you've identified your values, the emotions, and experiences for your audience, then the next thing to do is to create specific goals. You want to make sure that the goals are achievable and very recognizable when you achieve them.

S.M.A.R.T goals will make it easier to identify and to achieve your goals. Therefore you want your goals to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and you want to achieve them within a certain time frame so that you can reproduce this over and over again. 

3. Be Transparent

Transparency is a must to maintain your brand consistency. You don't want people to have a perception that you're hiding things because it builds distrust. Therefore,If you can't get things done. Be open and explain whatever the situation is that is stopping you from achieving what you promised them or what you said you would do. 

Don't over promise but under deliver. Make sure you don't promise to do more than what you can really do. If you have any challenges as you go about doing whatever it is that you do, be open about it. Explain to people so that they understand what you're going through, and what you're doing to overcome those challenges.

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4. Control Your Emotions

You want to evoke the right emotions in your clients, and in the people that you work with on a daily basis. However, you want to control your emotions when things rub off on you in the wrong way. Do not say or do things that will impact your personal brand negatively. 

You want to address whatever is wrong. You shouldn't accept things that are wrong but you want to respond to it and not react. You want to be logical when addressing whatever you don't like. 

Reacting emotionally alone would not get you the results you want. If you want to see a change, then you must apply logic to your emotions. If you are displeased about a situation, and you want it to stop, figure out how you can express yourself so that the other person sees the advantage in it for them to stop.

When you talk with other people, when you want to change things, you want to make sure you present a win-win scenario so there's something in it for them. They would have buy-in and they can follow through with whatever it is they said that they would do.

Last Word!

Let me go over the four points again that will help with your personal brand consistency.

The first tip, identify your values and the emotions you want other people to feel when they're with you and create the experiences to meet the values and the emotions.

The second tip, create specific goals to target those things so that you can replicate them. When you succeed at that thing, you know it works. If it doesn't work, then you can look at it from a different angle, see how you can make it better. 

The third tip is to be transparent. People want to know that you are straight forward. Don't hide things, especially when they don't go the way you think they should. Be open about it, and express what the problem is. Let them know what you're doing to solve that problem so that they see you are a problem solver. You are not just stopping at the problem.

The last tip is to control your emotions because you don't want your emotions to get the better of you. It's so easy to say the wrong thing or to do the wrong thing at the heat of a moment.

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About the author 

Oyinkan A

Hello, I'm Oyinkan Akinmade, a Confidence Coach and a Workplace Strategist. I help professionals excel and help businesses create great workplaces through confidence, communication, and leadership training skills. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter.

Hello, I'm Oyinkan Akinmade, a Confidence Coach and a Workplace Strategist. I help professionals excel and help businesses create great workplaces through confidence, communication, and leadership training skills. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter.

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