Our Mission

We show professionals how to share their unique values at work to advance their career and help businesses create an environment where employees thrive.

Enroll in any of our programs to gain the confidence, communication, and leadership skills to help you and your team succeed.

Introducing our brand

Why Individuals join our programs

We believe that everyone should have the chance to fulfill the goals they have set for themselves, develop in their fields, get to leadership positions, and have a positive work experience.

Also, businesses can benefit from a workplace that brings out the highest potential of workers, facilitating mutual goals and achievements.

To accomplish such a positive outcome, people have to carry out their responsibilities well. Individuals have to be confident they can exchange ideas effectively and be willing to lead with conviction.
Additionally, leaders must take the initiative to invest time, effort, and resources in their teams.

Our mission is to help individuals and businesses meet their goals, which is why we offer workshops, courses, coaching, and training classes designed to assist in this pursuit.

Why teams work with us

We believe people should enjoy their day at work, and we know organizations with a happy, engaged, and satisfied workforce are more profitable and successful.

A positive work experience and environment enable individuals and teams to achieve their goals in the least stressful way, allowing for an enjoyable, engaging, and satisfying outcome for both individuals and businesses. It is possible to have a great workplace when individuals acquire the skills that help them and promotes productive interactions with others at work.

Benefits of working with us

We keep it simple. We believe in you and give you the choice to choose what is best for you.

We keep it simple.

We make it possible for you to achieve your goals by building our system to be easy to understand and accomplish. We make use of the what, why, and how approach. What do you require, why do you require it, and how to accomplish it. We make that so simple.

We have faith in you

Our faith in you is what makes us different from others. We know if you imagine an outcome, you can achieve it. The evidence of your faith is the reason you want to seek us out, and we'll work to help you reach your desired outcomes.

We give you the choice

We know every individual or business has unique needs. We can help you decide what options are available to you. Businesses can acquire custom packages to meet particular needs. There will  always be an option for you.

About us

Bold and Ageless Llc is a professional development platform Oyinkan Akinmade, a Confidence Coach and Workplace Strategist, created for professionals and businesses to deliver the tools they need to enhance their work environments and experiences. Our mission is to help others, and we are passionate about what we do. We believe in hard work and determination, and we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

 Some Of Our Programs

Confidence Strategies For Professionals

 Confidence Strategies For Professionals is an on-demand program for professionals who want to position themself as an asset where they work and develop the skills required for leadership roles. It is a step-by-step guide to show you how to share your expertise, so you can establish yourself as the go-to expert and elevate your career.

Confidence Accelerator coaching/strategy Program

The Confidence Accelerator Program is for professionals  and leaders who want strategies to perform boldly, communicate clearly, and succeed at the highest levels. You learn to  manage your most threatening emotions and self-defeating thoughts. You will build up your confidence and get strategies to help you communicate better with clients and team. 

Boldly Own Your Role leadership program

Boldly Own Your Role is an 8 - Week Program  designed to equip you to be a skilled and successful professional who leads with confidence, effectiveness, and ease. You will know how to relate boldly with your executive and interact effectively with your direct reports. You will also know how to fulfill your role and enjoy the process at the same time. 


Are ready for 1:1 coaching to be a bold, confident and effective communicator or leader?

Some Of Our Corporate Training and Speaking Topics 

We believe in offering a customized options to specifically meet the needs of your organization. Below are some of the  training and speaking topics  we offer. it can be run as stand-alone sessions or combined to form a tailored in house training program. Some of the topics include:

  • Mastering Confidence For Work 
  • 8 Best Practices to Master The Art Of Persuasion
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Creating Positive Work Environment

The Process For Businesses

The most effective companies today are investing in their leaders and general staff proactively. Many people are choosing to quit bosses or businesses that stress and undervalue them, so building a positive workplace in your own company is extremely important. Here is our process for businesses:

Step 1: We Meet

We meet with you to understand your problem and your preferred outcome.

Step 2: We Prepare

We prepare you a package to meet your specific needs and send to you. 

Step 3: We Get To Work

We get your approval, set a start date and get to work.

We’d love to talk about what matters to you.

We have multiple options for businesses.We can give your team access to our online self-paced training. We can set up workshop(s) sessions or a period of coaching and strategy sessions for one or more professionals or leaders in your workforce. We can customize it to meet your needs. Get in touch! Send us a message below!

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