Boldly share your expertise with your executives and lead your team to success.

Leadership experience you can have: Go beyond self-doubt and second-guessing to become a leading voice sharing your expertise and navigating your team to success with confidence, clarity, and ease.

If you are ready to lead with confidence, and clarity, and manage your team successfully, then this program is for you. 

Would you like to build a personal leadership brand that is authentic, powerful, and successful?


Do you want to become a leader but struggle with low confidence, which stops you from taking action because you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone?



Do you hesitate to do your job because you lack the know-how to juggle between interacting with your executive and your direct reports?


Are you transitioning to a different role that requires you to lead a team but struggles with to embrace your new role? 

If any of the questions above describes you, then it is time to do something different. Wouldn't it be great to do what you are skilled to do without second-guessing yourself and your expertise?

It would be great to know how to share your valuable expertise, have a good environment at work, and manage the interactions among your stakeholders to achieve the desired results in your current role.

So What Do You Do?

You could remain quiet and continue to experience frustration and work-related anxiety, watching many opportunities for advancement slip away from your grasp. Another option is to wait endlessly for someone else to push you along, which has not happened yet and may never happen.


You can create a different path for yourself, own your role and become a leading voice where you work and in your industry. You can become more confident enough to share your idea and create a more suitable work environment.

You can do all of these right now, starting with you.

You can change your work reality right now!

Here are a few things that can become your new experience;

  • Clarity, conviction, and focus on what you should be doing in your position
  • Boldness to share your skills and knowledge with your peers, executives, and direct reports.
  • A work environment that allows you to achieve your success and advance your career.
  • Effective at communicating with your team, management, and client.
  • Bold to face your work challenges and to improve your current work dynamics.
  • Prepared to manage various situations that is likely to arise .

Boldly Own Your role 

Know how to manage your team & executives, creating a positive leadership experience.

Boldly Own Your Role is an 8 - Week Program  designed to equip you to be a skilled and successful professional who leads with confidence, effectiveness, and ease. You will know how to relate boldly with your executive and interact effectively with your direct reports. You will also know how to fulfill your role and enjoy the process at the same time. You can enjoy what you do.


It is an investment of $1997 for the group


 $2997 for the one-to-one program.

 Here's how the program runs:

+ It is a small group of professionals with a shared goal to own their role and improve their leadership experience.

It includes 
weekly 90 minute virtual live sessions over Zoom.

It will include some prerecorded strategy videos, articles, and worksheets to help you develop and execute individualized plans.

Boldly Own Your Role is for professionals and leaders who want to see an immediate difference in their experiences at work. You must be ready to do the task and execute your plan.

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The next group session starts:

10/26/21 - 12/14/21

Every Tuesday At 7:OO pm

Seats are limited to 10 participants, register now to reserve your spot!


You missed out!

Here's a snapshot of what we would delve into during the 8-week program. The aim of the program is to focus on what you need to do to enjoy and succeed at work


Week 1: 

Confidence You Must Have

We will Focus On the following: 

1. Knowing your value

2. Your Courage To Step Out

3. Overcome self defeating assumptions.


Week 2: 

Confidence You Have To Show

We will explore and Bring to the Front the following: 

1. Your convictions 

2. Your Focus

3. Your optimism


Week 3: 

Create A Comfortable Work Environment.

We will delve into the following:

1. Understanding who and what forms a work environment.

2. Understanding the importance of an optimal work environment.

3. Create and maintain a positive work environment.


Week 4: 

You and your Stakeholders 

We will explore the following:
1. Identifying your stakeholder and their needs.

2. Communicating in the language of your stakeholder.

3. Understanding your communication style and voice.


Week  5:

Speak to be Heard.

You will become more effective in your communication strategies:

1. Understand the power of perceptions .

2. Understand the art of persuasion and how to deploy it at work.

3. Communicating with the right voice.

4. Managing criticisms like a boss.


Week 6: 

 Workplace Connections

You will know how to do the following:

1. Connect with your team.

2. Connect with your executives.

3.  Disagree with your boss.


Week 7 and 8:

Leadership strategies - Don't be caught unprepared!

You will be able to do the following:

1. Align with the business and your role.

2. Connect with your consumers/Clients.

3. Empowering your team.

4. Managing your reputation.

What You’ll Do Before the group  Sessions

Go through and complete the assigned materials - prerecorded videos and worksheets. that will be sent to you before the coaching sessions.

What Happens During the group sessions

Participate actively in the group sessions so you get to the best experience. Identify action steps to take subsequently.

What Changes After the group  sessions

Follow through with  your action steps identified in your coaching materials and sessions.

About Your Trainer,

Oyinkan Akinmade

Oyinkan is the Chief Strategist  and Certified Professional Coach at Bold and Ageless LLC, a personal development firm.   She works with professionals and leaders on strategies to connect and demonstrate their expertise  so that they are seen as the go-to expert.  She brings confidence and communication training to the world through coaching, consulting, and online resources. She believes God has given you all you need to succeed at each stage in life and at work.

Have questions? Send a message. [email protected]

What Are You Waiting For?

Take charge of your leadership  experience!