Why You Must Conquer The Fear of Failure

Why You Must Conquer The Fear of Failure

Why You Must Conquer The Fear of Failure

Why You Must Conquer
The Fear of Failure

There are two reasons why you must conquer the fear of failure, the first reason is to fulfill your dreams and the second reason is to impact the lives connected to you. The fear of failure stops you from taking actions. It holds you back from exploring and discovering the opportunities that are waiting for you.

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur, a new graduate, or a seasoned one, your path to success will have bumps and ditches. You should not allow a setback ( or in some cases cluelessness) hold you back from going after your dream.

If you think about it, you have had bumps and ditches all your life. You had to learn new things as a baby, you had to overcome the trials of your school years and all other obstacles that happen when growing up. You didn't stop then, now is not the time to allow fear stop you.

I guess the burden feels heavier when you need to earn a living doing what you love. However, that's the price you pay as a living being. You get to experience all the emotions and realities of life, the ups, and the downs. It also is the beauty of life because most of these experiences, when channeled appropriately, can lead to a successful life story.

The fear of failure is a mindset, and one of the most effective ways to overcome it is to change your mindset.
To conquer the fear of failure, you need to know the reason why to keep going and you need to fight for your success. You also need to know how to keep going on. 

2 Reasons Why You Must Conquer The Fear Of Failure

1.You Matter

The number one reason is that you matter, your dreams matter, and your success matter. You need to succeed because the quality of your life depends on it. Not just your financial benefits, but also for your spiritual, and emotional needs. Furthermore, there is a satisfaction that you enjoy when you succeed at what you love to do.

You need to succeed not only for your self but also because your sphere of influence depends on it. You aren't just you. The people connected to you benefit from your success too. Your success is a solution to a problem if you think about it. You erect a foundation that others can build on.

"You need to succeed not only for your self but also because your sphere of influence depends on it

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​​​​Think about all the things we enjoy now as individuals, they are the successes of other people. If they didn't push through obstacles and difficulties to succeed, how would life have been for us today?

2. There are things only you can do.

Saying there are things only you can do is not to make you feel extra special. God created only one of you. Every human DNA is different, so is the way you think and the way you problem solve. It's time to embrace who you are, and figure out how to achieve your success the way only you can do it.

It's time to put your stamp on the world and offer what you can. Your influence is not too small nor is it insignificant, embrace your power has an individual and what you have to offer.

How do you conquer the fear of failure?

You conquer the fear of failure by fighting for what you want. It doesn't mean you won't feel fear or be clueless. When you fall, stand up and keep moving. When you are clueless, find out what else you can do.

There are many life stories to get inspiration and motivation from, but you've got to find out the combination and steps that will work for you so that it becomes your story. Your story will then inspire and motivate others who can identify with the struggles you've overcome.

Your story will influence those around you either for good or bad. You have the power to help people around you, your family, your friends and your community. When you succeed, they see possibilities in themselves. The same happens if you fail, their hope diminishes as well. Research has shown this over and over again.

So you see, your success isn't just for you. Don't allow fear hold you back or stop you. Make a plan, take actions and you will succeed. Sometimes you'll fall and fail, when that happens pick yourself up and keep moving on.
Your world is awaiting your success!

Quick Tip

A valuable tip I can give you is to have a long-term goal and then break it down into small actionable steps. You want to know what you are​​​​ going to do next, and it must be something related to your long-term goal.

Like one of my mentors told me, you must do one thing every work day that will lead to growth in your business or career.

At the end of each day ask yourself what you did for the day and what you plan is for the next day.

Hello, I'm Oyinkan Akinmade and I'm a Professional Coach and Speaker. I help individuals improve their confidence and build a personal brand. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter. You can read more about my story here.

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