About - Bold and ageless

I'm Oyinkan,

Founder Bold and Ageless LLC, a personal development firm. I work with individuals to improve their confidence and to develop a personal brand consistent with them. I also coach employees in organizations to become more confident which improves morale and ultimately improve productivity.

My passion is born out of my personal experiences, my dealings with people and how often they miss out because of their lack of confidence, poor communication, and workplace networking skills.

I want to  ignite people's imagination about the possibilities they can achieve so that they are motivated to take actions and enjoy the process.  I want professionals to take charge of their lives and career on a daily basis and help them become who God created them to be.

If you don't brand yourself others will so be deliberate about who you are and what your brand is. It starts with being confident and creating the atmosphere for your success.

And I have a story to tell that changed my career and my perception about work

I am a foreign graduate who relocated to the United States but didn't start working immediately. After having my kids I decided to return to the workforce but it was like starting all over again. I had no current references, I had no connections and I didn't have any stateside experience. As far as I knew nothing was working in my favor and my confidence was running on empty.

The moment everything changed for me was when I realized doing nothing led to stagnation, frustration, and financial dependence on other. That was not what I had imagined my life would look like. After a lot of research and deliberate networking, I stumbled upon one truth...

Every successful company spends a significant amount of their resources branding themselves so that they are perceived as being the best in order to get recognized, trusted, and patronized. They don't wait for people to recognize them, they take deliberate steps and actions to be seen as the best. They spend time, effort, and resources to make sure they make a good impression all the time.

I discovered that I had to brand myself...

to be seen as confident, competent, and trustworthy from the very first second I met with anyone. This truth was the key to my success and is the key to your success as an individual and as a business owner. I have experience working in different organizations both small and large. I became a valuable and trusted asset to business owners. The unplanned benefit was the recognition, respect and influence which has proved useful over the years.Guess what, as a business owner, I still use the same strategy.


Confidence and branding is the key to success. I discovered this truth many years and it holds true till today. I have worked in small and large organizations and today I own my business. My experiences have been enjoyable because I leveraged the power of effective communications and connections and took action even when I was nervous.

Confidence is about taking actions, you do not need any one's permission except yours to be confident. Confidence also makes you look competent and trustworthy. Personal branding is about who you are.

Work with Me

I'll work with you to improve your confidence and branding, so you can be seen as confident, competent and trustworthy. You will understand who you are and what you represent. If you want to find out more of how I can help you or your team, just send me a message or book a call to speak with me.

More About Me...

  • My first degree is in Physical Therapy
  • I am a certified Professional Coach and a Speaker
  • I have over a decade's worth of research and experience in workplace matters
  • I believe it's important to have the right support team, for me it's my faith and my family and close friends.

“What The Mind Can Conceive And Believe It Can Achieve” – Napoleon Hill.