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Personal Branding Tips for 2019

Personal branding tips 2019 for professionals and business owners. I have put together four tips on how to build a personal brand that is authentic and true to you so that you can stand out as the best choice to your client, coworkers or boss. Check out the video below, or simply read on.

How do you stand out as the best choice for your audience?

Your audience can be your boss or your coworker or your client if you're a business owner. I am going to talk about how to build a personal brand, a brand that is authentic and replicable because it is true. So stick around and watch the video as we talk about building a personal brand that is relatable, authentic and would get you your ideal client easily.

Why is personal branding important?

A personal brand is an identifier. It identifies you easily with your ideal client, so when they see you, they know that you are the one they want to work with. It's easy for your employer or your boss to pick you as the best person to lead on a project or even to get the promotion.

So whether you are an employee or a business owner, it's important to build a personal brand so that people can easily identify you as the best choice. There are four important components to build a personal brand in my own opinion. That's what I'm going to share with you today.

1. Confidence.

The first thing is the foundation and this is confidence. Confidence is not an absence of fear. Confidence is the ability to demonstrate the skill you're good at.

If you're going to ask anyone who a confident person is, they won't tell you how they feel, they would describe actions that they do. Therefore confidence can be described as taking actions.

When you are confident, what people see is your competence and when you are competent it's easy for them to trust you with their business. It's easy for people to trust you with a job or to trust you to lead and take the responsibility that comes with a promotion.

So it is very important as a professional and as an individual to demonstrate confidence in everything you do. I've included a link to a 21-day confidence challenge for free to help you get into the mindset of being confident.

Personal branding tips 2019 for professionals. Four tips on how to build a personal brand that is authentic and true to you so that you can stand out as the best choice to your client, coworkers or boss.
2.Right Emotions.

Research has shown that emotions are part of a decision making process. Those that have lost their ability to feel as a result of an accident or trauma are unable to make decisions. So how people feel plays an important role when they make decisions. It's often called the gut feelings. The emotions you evoke in other people when you deal with them will help them see you as the best choice or not.

  • With a word or two, describe the way you want people to feel when they interact with you as a professional. Think of how you want people to feel when they interact with you or write a review about your business. 

There may be two people with the same kind of qualification but different types of clientele because they appeal to different types of people even though they produce the same results. Therefore it's important that you're able to identify the emotions you want to evoke with people so that they're able to recognize you easily. 

3.Right Experience.

The third thing is connected to the second, and that's creating the experiences. It's not enough to know how you want people to feel when they work with you. It's also important that you consciously create the experience and environment that would make it easy for them to feel those emotions you want them to feel. When they interact with you, you want them to feel right about doing business with you.

They won't have reservations about you or your business because you've ticked all the boxes including the skill, expertise, and experience. 

4. Consistency.

The final thing is to be consistent. A lot of people would probably not choose you the first time or even the second time they interact with you. They would want to correspond with you, email you, meet with you or talk with you over the phone on several occasions before they decide to go with you.

They will try your product if you sell a product. People will look for reviews or talk to other people that have worked with you to see if you're really consistent. So consistency is important in personal branding. Consistency makes it easy for people to identify you as the best choice. 

Remember these four things as you think about building your personal brand. Confidence, evoking the right emotions, creating the right experiences and consistency will help people feel comfortable with you and identify you as the ideal person they want to work with and you'll build a personal brand that is authentic and true, relatable and easily replicable.

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