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Learn How To Speak Out, Speak Up, and Show Up.

4 - Week Confidence Boot Camp

The 4 - week confidence boot camp provides you the strategies, the support, and the accountability you need so that you begin work confidently everyday.

Do you remain quiet during meeting and team collaborations or fail to advocate for yourself and your ideas when it matters the most? Do you often second guess yourself or self critic your actions once they are over? 

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then this confidence boot camp is for you.

The most effective way to become more confident is to find someone with the who can partner with you to help you gain clarity, to provide you with individualized strategies and to hold you accountable. 

Are you ready to elevate your game?

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Confidence BootCamp  

Here's what you get in the Confidence Boot Camp:

During the 4 week boot camp, you will:

  • Identify any blocks that stop you from performing at your highest level.
  • Shift your mindset so that you begin to see who you really are
  • Get clear on your expertise in other to how can begin to show it at work.
  • Get clear on how you can show up and speak up confidently.

* There will be a weekly video training.

* A  weekly  STrategy SESSION.

* There will also be DAILY IMPLEMENTATION GUIDES to ensure you are taking action each week . 

* Some things can’t wait until a weekly call. I’m available during the week via email, and you’ll get a response within a few hours. 

Week One

Identify mental blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs. You can identify what's holding you back so that you can break free from it.

Week two

You will highlight the skills and knowledge that makes you a valuable and crucial member of your team so that you know the wealth of value you bring to the table that makes you the go-to person.

Week three

How to connect your expertise to the business or organization so that you are confident of the value you add to your team. The goal of this week is to get you to position  yourself as the expert where you work.

Week Four

You will learn how to speak out, speak up, and show up. Also, you will identify areas of your work you need to brush up on to elevate your game and to show up confidently.

What to Expect in this program

  • You will experience a shift in mindset that will change your perception on your value and worth.
  • You will begin to see yourself in a new way and carry yourself in a positive manner.
  • You will learn to express yourself in a manner that demonstrates your  confidence and competence.
  • You will learn how to create the best impressions everyday and brand yourself as the expert.
  • You will learn to recognize your audience and identify the language they respond to in order to get their attention and to convey your message.

Get Started Now With 

Confidence BootCamp


So glad I took this. It was extrememly helpful to me and it has boosted my confidence as I move forward in my own career.

Kathy p.

customer Rep.

It was helpful to me in my position at the hospital as well as with personal business to the next level.

Kappy M.

Hospital liason ReP.


Option One - PERSONAL

Personal BootCamp for 4 weeks

  • Video modules
  • Personal Sessions
  • Daily Check-in
  • Email Access


Option Two - GROUP

Group Bootcamp for 4 weeks (next start date - June 9, 2020)

  • Group Strategy Sessions
  • Video  Modules
  • Daily Check-ins
  • Community Support



One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • List Element



One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses



Individual CONFIDENCE 


Each week, you will get a:

- Weekly Video strategy module  

- A 50 minute Virtual Personal STRATEGY SESSION

-Daily implementation Guide 

- Email support 



Weekly email  follow - Up for 4 weeks Post Confidence Bootcamp. 



Two 30 minutes personal strategy session with me within 30 days post Confidence Bootcamp.




Each week, there will be a LIVE STRATEGY SESSIONS in a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP on how to speak up and show up.

The Weekly Live Strategy Sessions will take place on Tuesdays at 2 pm EST.

*The replay will be available if you cannot make it live.



30 minutes personal strategy session with me. (Only 5 slots available per group at a first come first serve basis).

 Oyinkan Akinmade is a Confidence and Communication Strategist.

She works with professionals, team leaders, and specialists who second guess themselves or remain quiet when they need to speak out, speak up and show up.

Also, Oyinkan has worked with many organizations both foreign and local, all with different management styles, and this allows her to know what it takes to succeed in the workplace. 

She works with her clients 1:1, in group programs, intensives, online courses, and in-person workshops. 

She is the  Chief Strategy Officer at Bold and Ageless LLC, a coaching and consultancy firm that assists organizations to train their workers to succeed at work and to empower individuals to be self-confident, competent, and trustworthy so that they remain a workforce to reckon with in the business world.